Patient Testimonial

Judith, Knee Replacement Patient

HealthSouth really helped me recover and get back on my feet after double knee replacement surgery.  The orthopedic surgeon who did the knee replacement recommended HealthSouth to me in the pre-surgery planning.  

Before my surgery, I went to HealthSouth for information and a tour of the facility.  I knew right then and there that it was a place I would like to be.  I could see the energy and enthusiasm of the hospital staff and it seemed like a great place for a person to go after surgery.

When I got to HealthSouth a day after my surgery, I was in a lot of pain and could not get out of bed (or so I thought). I was a little afraid when I first came in that I would not be able to do the therapy and they started slowly with things I could do and we worked up from there.  

The therapists convinced me to get up and go to the gym – which I reluctantly did.  Two weeks later I couldn’t believe the amount of progress I had made.  At first, I couldn’t walk across my room to go to the bathroom.  A few days later, I was walking to the cafeteria with a walker.  At the end of my stay, I could walk up and down the halls of the hospital with just the use of a cane.  

I cannot imagine trying to do this on my own.  All of the therapists at HealthSouth are top notch. I’m so glad my doctor recommended that I go to HealthSouth for rehab.


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