Patient Testimonial

Bianca, Daughter of Hip Fracture Patient

My mother made great progress while she was at HealthSouth.  Everyone treated her with kindness and helped her get back on her feet after she fell and broke her hip.  

Before we got to HealthSouth, my mom was afraid that she would not be able to do all the exercises and therapy at a rehabilitation hospital. But together we made the decision that HealthSouth would be the best thing for her. That turned out to be one of the best decisions we could have made.  

Within a few days after arriving at HealthSouth, she was in the gym working out with other people who were recovering from similar conditions. She made many friends in the gym and in the cafeteria with other patients that she still keeps in touch with today.  

The doctors and nurses who cared for my mom were wonderful. They helped her control her pain and helped to manage the other medications she takes while she was in the hospital. The therapists who worked with my mom were professional and they challenged her to do the things she needed to do, but they did it in a way that was encouraging and not forceful.  

Eventually, my mom was able to do all the things she needed to do so that she could come home and get back to her life at home. My brothers and I are so grateful to HealthSouth for helping our mom. We feel everyone went above and beyond the call of duty. Thanks to everyone at HealthSouth for taking such great care of her. 

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Our hospital provides care for those who are ready to be discharged from a hospital but not ready to return home. Treatment and care is designed to bridge the gap between hospital and home. Anyone who is limited functionally from an injury or illness can benefit from rehabilitation.

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