Private Practice at HealthSouth: Physicians Maintain Their Independence

At HealthSouth, setting up a private practice may be easier than you think!  Physiatrists will be 100% independent and will establish a private practice to include a caseload of medically complex inpatient rehabilitation patients and an outpatient rehabilitation practice if he or she chooses.  The physiatrist will set up a billing company that will handle and retain all billing and collections as well as all other responsibilities in running and maintaining a private practice.  HealthSouth does not take a cut or percentage of physician billing.

Setting Up a Private Practice at HealthSouth

Setting up a private practice at a HealthSouth rehabilitation hospital is easy.  Here is a quick reference list* of what an Independent PM&R Physician will need to set up a practice at a HealthSouth hospital. 

 Keep in mind the HealthSouth hospital team is more than happy to assist you with any questions throughout the process. 

  • Furnish a copy of your CV and licensure to administrative assistant to apply for privileges at other hospitals.
  • Complete applications for insurance companies to be a provider.
  • Apply for privileges at HealthSouth.
  • Apply for licensure-Medical, DEA (State and Federal).
  • Procure personal health insurance for you and your family.
  • Procure malpractice insurance.
  • Develop a relationship with a local accountant.
  • Establish a financial planner.
  • Set up a billing company.
  • Apply for a business license.

*This list is meant to provide suggestions only and is not implying a relationship with a specific company or organization nor is the information deemed reliable or accurate.

Take the Next Step

HealthSouth’s physician recruitment program is dedicated to providing you with the help and resources you need to be successful.  Read about what current physicians have to say about their experience and check out our resource center for helpful links.  You can also learn more taking your healthcare career to the next level with HealthSouth. Browse job openings or contact the HealthSouth physician recruiter.

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HealthSouth is a visionary organization that provides independent physicians the opportunity for leadership.
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