HealthSouth Physician Opportunities: Strength and Stability

HealthSouth physician opportunities allow you to specialize in rehabilitation as an independent private practice physician.  At HealthSouth, rehabilitation is all we do. It drives every decision. It keeps HealthSouth at the forefront of innovation and it guarantees the best possible care for each patient’s maximum regained independence. The HealthSouth nationwide network is a powerful force. Here, the skills of uniquely qualified private practice physicians and HealthSouth’s nurses, therapists and other team members are sharply focused. The common goal: building strength, balance and mobility – and getting patients back to living life to the fullest. 

HealthSouth leads the way, consistently outperforming peers with a unique, intensive approach to rehabilitation, returning patients to full strength in less than average time. At HealthSouth, we continually strive for excellence in all that we do, partnering with every patient to find a treatment plan that works for them

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Opportunities Nationwide

The nationwide network of hospitals provides many physician opportunities at HealthSouth. Every HealthSouth hospital maintains a healthy, stimulating and productive work environment devoted to balance in work, life and family.

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Physician Testimonials

Learn more about taking your healthcare career to the next level by hearing what other PM&R physicians are saying about HealthSouth. Contact our HealthSouth physician recruiter or find physician jobs at HealthSouth.

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Jamie Boutin

Jamie Boutin
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The strength and stability of HealthSouth is second to none.
Elissa Charbonneau, M.D.

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