HealthSouth Physician Testimonials

HealthSouth Leadership: Dr Dexanne B. Clohan, CMO

Dexanne Clohan, HealthSouth Chief Medical Officer

Where you practice makes a difference in your own professional satisfaction.  The size of our hospitals and medical staffs, and their exlusive focus on rehabilitation, means you can make a difference, too, because your voice will be heard as a member of the medical staff.   

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HealthSouth Physician Recruiting Testimonial from Dr Elissa Charbonneau

Elissa Charbonneau, M.D.

The strength and stability of HealthSouth is second to none.

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Hassan Akinbiyi, M.D.

HealthSouth offers great resources for physicians.  I appreciated having access to such a wide variety of practice opportunities. 

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HealthSouth Physician Recruiting Testimonial from Dr Jimmy Lockhart

Jimmy Lockhart, M.D.

HealthSouth is a visionary organization that provides independent physicians the opportunity for leadership.

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Jamie Boutin

Jamie Boutin
Physician Recruiting

Patient Quote

All of the therapists at HealthSouth are top notch. I’m so glad my doctor recommended that I go to HealthSouth for rehab.
Judith, Knee Replacement Patient

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