HealthSouth Physician Testimonials

HealthSouth Leadership: Dr Dexanne B. Clohan, CMO

Dexanne Clohan, HealthSouth Chief Medical Officer

Where you practice makes a difference in your own professional satisfaction.  The size of our hospitals and medical staffs, and their exlusive focus on rehabilitation, means you can make a difference, too, because your voice will be heard as a member of the medical staff.   

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HealthSouth Physician Recruiting Testimonial from Dr Elissa Charbonneau

Elissa Charbonneau, M.D.

The strength and stability of HealthSouth is second to none.

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Hassan Akinbiyi, M.D.

HealthSouth offers great resources for physicians.  I appreciated having access to such a wide variety of practice opportunities. 

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HealthSouth Physician Recruiting Testimonial from Dr Jimmy Lockhart

Jimmy Lockhart, M.D.

HealthSouth is a visionary organization that provides independent physicians the opportunity for leadership.

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Jamie Boutin

Jamie Boutin
Physician Recruiting

Patient Quote

The physical therapist and occupational therapist did an exceptional job in their work with me, enabling me to walk and begin functioning again.
Maggie, Stroke Patient

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