Interdisciplinary Team Approach

One important key to success in rehabilitation is the HealthSouth team approach. Rehabilitation works best with a diverse team of experts, working together. Each brings special expertise to the table.

And the whole is greater than the sum of parts. Each team member complements the rest. They work in concert to develop a treatment plan for physical, cognitive and emotional needs.

The term “interdisciplinary” refers to the many clinical specialties represented, including:

  • Rehabilitation physicians have special experience in rehabilitation medicine. They provide close medical management for each patient and supervise the inpatient rehabilitation treatment plan. Doctors who are board-certified in the specialty of physical medicine and rehabilitation are called physiatrists.
  • Rehabilitation nurses deliver the specialized daily care needed for recovery and healing, under the doctor’s supervision.
  • Occupational therapists design activity-based therapy to promote independence in self-care, home management and work skills.
  • Physical therapists design specialized testing and exercise to increase physical function, mobility and safety.
  • Psychologists focus on emotional and mental health challenges associated with temporary or permanent disability. (Not available at all HeatlhSouth hospitals.)
  • Respiratory therapists care for the lungs and respiratory system when breathing is affected by injury or surgery.
  • Speech-language pathologists help patients overcome communication disorders, speech challenges and problems with swallowing.
  • Dietary and nutritional counselors supervise meals to ensure proper nutrition during treatment.
  • Case managers coordinate with the doctor, patient and loved ones to ensure needs are met and questions are answered.


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Jamie Boutin
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