Stroke survivors and other neurologically impaired patients use this custom-fitted hand and arm splint to increase shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand function. During therapy exercises, the splint is used to retrain the hand’s grasp and release movements.

SaeboFlex’s innovative technology

Customized to fit your hand, the SaeboFlex device features a spring-loaded system offering a purely mechanical design without any electrical-based features. When properly worn, SaeboFlex extends the wrist and fingers, enabling the user to grasp an object by voluntarily flexing his or her fingers. The extension spring system then assists the hand in re-opening to release the object.

Who can benefit from treatment with SaeboFlex?

SaeboFlex® allows neurologically impaired individuals to practice opening and closing their hand with more efficiency, giving them the possibility of being able to perform activities that require grasp and release. Even individuals who are up to 20 years post neurological injury show improvements in proximal strength and control of their affected arm.

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Jamie Boutin
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