About HealthSouth

About HealthSouth

HealthSouth takes a unique approach to rehabilitation:

  • Specialization: Unlike skilled nursing homes, each HealthSouth hospital is dedicated full time to rehabilitation. All decisions and resources are focused on rehabilitation.
  • Results-driven: Every minute of every day, the focus is on results. We work hard to get each patient strong, functional and as independent as possible.
  • The team approach: Qualified and passionate rehabilitation experts work together to plan and execute quality treatment.
  • Accreditation and certification:  All HealthSouth hospitals are fully accredited.  In addition, many HealthSouth hospitals have received special certifications for their excellence in service related to specific conditions.
  • Continuum of care: HealthSouth helps patients transition from their current hospital to HealthSouth, and then helps them transition to more independent  rehabilitation as they progress.
  • A nationwide network: HealthSouth is one of the nation’s rehabilitation leaders.
  • Experienced leadership with a strong company mission.
  • Leading-edge rehabilitation technology 

Read more from our patients about the positive impact of rehabiltation at a HealthSouth hospital.

The HealthSouth Difference

HealthSouth offers a wide range of specialized programs. Aggressive rehabilitation can speed recovery. HealthSouth therapy is significantly more intensive than the average therapy program offered by “rehabilitation centers”, in that patients at HealthSouth receive therapy a minimum of three hours a day, five days a week.  If you're interested in providing this higher level of care to your patients, contact our physician recruiter today!

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Jamie Boutin

Jamie Boutin
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Patient Quote

While my husband worked hard at his own recovery, the therapists there helped him to overcome some of his own fears and never let him give up.
Dominique, Spouse of a Stroke Patient

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